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Based on your answers, it looks like your are currently not working or have only part-time employment. In order to get a loan you must have an established source of income. Getting full-time employment is the first step. Now is a great time to start researching what it takes to get a mortgage. Having consistent employment, maintaining good credit and saving money take discipline and perseverance. Set up a budget that you can stick to. This will improve your situation and you’ll be ready to take your next step. We’ll be here when you’re ready!


Based on your answers, it looks like your credit is below 620. The first thing you will need to do is take some time to improve your credit. Now is the time to pay off debt, and buckle down on spending. We have some great resources to help you raise your credit score. Once you’ve got a solid FICO score above 620, you’ll be one step closer to being mortgage ready.

Debt to Income (DTI):

Based on your answers, it looks like your debt-to-income amount(%) is a little high. Most loans require you to be below 55%. We have helped lots of people like yourself to develop a plan to help get you back on track! We’ll always be transparent about the best course of action to help you get where you want to be. Let’s schedule a time to talk to an expert and we’ll help guide your next steps. 

Down Payment:

Based on your answers, it looks like you might need to set aside a little more money towards your down payment. Savings, gift funds and seller contributions are just a few ways to get additional funds to go toward you downpayment. Check out our down payment resources to get more information. 


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